Department of Russian Language and Russian Literature. G.A. Meiramova


Head of department C.PH.S., Associate Professor Shevljakova Lyubov Reionaldovna


Department of Russian language and literature named by professor G. A. Meiramov, formed on the basis of two departments of “Classical and Russian Philology” and “Methods and Practices of the Russian Language and Literature. G.A.Meyramova” in 2018, is one of the strongest theoretical departments of the faculty. The foundation of this department was laid by scientists and educators: Ph.D., assoc. T.G. Ziborova, P.B. Korzhevoi, G.I. Ilyasova, senior lecturers R.S. Veryugina, R.G. Buzikova, N.F. Chevelgin, Ph.D., Assoc.  T.Ye. Vetrenko, Sh.A. Toksanbaeva, M.K. Pak, Assoc. F.Sh. Orazgalieva, Ph.D., Assoc. A.M. Tanabaeva (Chair of russian linguistics); Ph.D., Assoc. A.A. Chukuev, L.N. Baymagambetova, L.S. Ivanova, G.I. Jalilova, senior lecturers B.I. Kritsky, K.H. Uysumbaev (Department of General Linguistics). A huge contribution to the formation and development of the department was made by its veterans and the middle generation of the graduates of the chair: Ph.D., Assoc. H.M. Dzhumabaeva, E.P. Tsoi, S.A. Matyash, N.S. Bogatyreva, Yu.D. Nesterov, M.K. Smagulova, art. prep. R.Sh. Smagulova, Yu.F. Sergeeva, L.P. Lubonskaya, Ph.D., Assoc. A.N. Popov, Ph.D., prof. S.Z. Bralina, Ph.D., Assoc. G.Z. Gorbunova (chair of Russian and foreign literature). The doctoral and master’s theses were prepared and defended at the department, which were highly appreciated by the scientific community in Kazakhstan, Russia and abroad. These are the works of Doctors of Philology A.N. Teng, S.A. Matyash, B.A. Baytanaeva, TT Savchenko, and Candidates of Science – E.R. Keller, A.T. Mustapova, Zh.S. Akisheva, LM Kharitonova, LR Shevlyakova and others.

To this day, created by Professor GA. Meiramov Scientific School remains a priority center for close cooperation between teachers of schools and teachers of the department (Candidate’s dissertations LA Chuikina, G. Asanbaeva, RP Khvan, LS Budanova, GM Alibekova, RG Bayamanova, NK Kazhekenova, LV Beisebaeva, AA Chukuev, Zh. M. Syzdykova, BB Bisenbaeva, R. Kh. Esbaeva, and others). Department of Russian language and literature. G.A. Meiramova continues the traditions of its founder – Gabdulla Ashimovich, an outstanding scientist-linguodidact, teacher, innovator-methodologist, who created his scientific school in Central Kazakhstan on problems of linguodidactics and comparative typological research of different-language languages.

The students of the leading Kazakh teacher-innovator Gabdulla Ashimovich Meiramov are teachers, applicants, trainees, teachers of higher education, secondary schools (B.R. Zhumadilova, N.K. Imankulova, G.N. Lekerova, I.I. Skokova, S. A. Shautybaeva and many others). Under the leadership of G. Meiramov a graduate degree of candidates of pedagogical and philological sciences received twenty graduate students, who strengthened the professional foundations of the school of Professor Meiramov. Scientific interests of teachers of the department are related to comparative-typological linguistics and translation studies (Doctor of Philology, professor Balmagambetova Zh.T., Ph.D., associate professor Ayazbaeva B.K., Ph.D., associate professor Ibraimova Zh.Zh.,  senior lecturers Ibrayev G.U.), research of general and particular questions of linguistics and literary criticism (Ph.D., associate professor Khan N.K., senior lecturer N. Zhunusova) the methodology of teaching the Russian language (Ph.D., assistant professor Khairova GM, senior teacher Ospanova D.B.), the methodology of teaching literature (Ph.D., associate professor Yakovleva N.N., senior lecturers Molgazhdarova S.M., Rakhmetova AT, ). In recent years, the department was joined by young teachers (senior lecturers Aldazharova A.M., Dzhumadildinova Zh.S., senior lecturer Shaimaganbetova Zh.Zh., Shigabieva A.I.), to which their experience and knowledge are passed by the representatives of the older generation . Senior lecturer of the department Grigorieva I.V. in 2018 he completed his PhD in doctoral studies at the KazNU named by Al-Farabi.

Now the department is headed by the graduate of the philological faculty of the Karaganda State University, Ph.D., professor G.Yu. Amanbaeva. And today the pedagogical staff of the Department of Russian Language and Literature named by G.A. Meiramov is represented by teachers of different generations who make a worthy contribution to the development of the specialties of the philological faculty.

Teaching Staff


Ayazbayeva Bakhyt Kusainovna
Shevljakova Lyubov Reionaldovna
Ibraimova Zhenisgul Zhalgasbaevna
Fursanova Tatyana Vasilievna
Nazarova Meruert Ginayatovna
The international cooperation

The international cooperation

Department of Russian language and literature named by G.A. Meiramov maintains scientific contacts with leading universities of near and far abroad: the Moscow State University named by M.V. Lomonosov, State Institute of Russian Language. A.S. Pushkin, RUDN, The Russian Academy of Sciences (Pushkin House), BSU (Russia, Belgorod), TSU (Russia, Tomsk), Tashkent University of World Languages ​​(Uzbekistan, Tashkent), Ural State University. M. Gorky, Middle Eastern University (Turkey, Ankara), the University of. Adam Mickiewicz (Poland, Poznan). International cooperation over the past five years is presented in the following areas: The teacher of the chair is A. Aldazharova from June 17 to June 27, 2015 was on a scientific internship in the summer school on “Cognitive Linguistics: Prospects for Research” on the basis of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University named after the First President of the Russian Federation BN. Yeltsin. Since 2009, the internships of the undergraduates of the faculty are carried out in the leading foreign educational centers of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland. In 2012, Master student Shilke V.V. passed an internship in the Pushkin House of the IMLI RAS (St. Petersburg)In 2010 – the holders of international grants under the Erasmus Mundus program were associate professor of the department of classical and Russian philology Isenova F.K. (University of Bilbao (Spain), and senior teacher Filimonova A.P. (Middle Eastern University, Ankara, Turkey).Since 2012, guest lectures have been organized by leading scientists from Poland, Slovakia and Hungary; In 2013-2014 academic year, according to the agreement on cooperation concluded by the Department of Classical and Russian Philology with the head of the Department of Russian Language and Literature prof. Lubor Matejko, Professor Amanbaeva G.Yu. and associate professor Kharitonova L.M. They were invited as guest lecturers at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Univ. Ya. Kamensky. The theme of the lectures is “Sociolinguistic monitoring of the language situation in the post-Soviet space” (Prof. Amanbaeva G.Yu.), Contemporary Writing Strategies in Russia and Kazakhstan (doc. Kharitonova L.M.). Also during the visit Amanbayev G.Yu. and Kharitonova LM took part in the scientific seminars of the Russian language and literature department. In 2013-2014, the undergraduates of the 2nd course of the specialty “Philology” Mamedova T., Galyautdinova A. during the academic year were trained in the Master’s program of the University of Poznan (Poland)

Also, the department concluded perpetual agreements on cooperation with the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute, the Moscow Regional Pedagogical Institute and the Russian University of Friendship of Peoples (Moscow). The department signed on December 14, 2012 contract with the Faculty of Humanities at the University. E. Loranda (Budapest, Hungary) on joint cooperation. Spheres of cooperation: scientific internships of faculties and masters in the framework of academic mobility, joint seminars, exchange of teachers for short-term programs of professional development, exchange of publications, etc. teachers of the department is establishing cooperation with the Tomsk State University in terms of scientific internships for teachers and undergraduates. In the framework of academic mobility, two students of the Omsk State University were trained in the specialty “Russian Language and Literature” at the Faculty of Philology of the KarSU. E.A. Buketov. The results of scientific researches of the faculty are published in the materials of international conferences, symposia (Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan), in highly rated scientific journals with impact factor. In 2006, Ph.D., associate professor Balmagambetova Zh.T., having won the grant “Soros-Kazakhstan”, took part in the International symposium in Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria). Post-graduate student of the department Nasonova V. and senior teacher Ibraev G.U. in February 2009, they upgraded their qualifications in the Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University. Nasonova V. has passed training under the program “Erasmus Mundus” in Spain (February-April 2009). Within the framework of international cooperation, together with the Russian Language Department, scientific and methodological seminars, master classes for teachers and teachers of schools in the region are conducted. April 15-29, 2013 graduate student Orazbekov V.V. passed a foreign scientific internship in Prague (Czech Republic).Master of Science Kochetova N.V. was a scientific foreign internship in the period from October 21 to November 2, 2013 at the Eurasian Academy of Bratislava (Slovakia).Within the framework of international cooperation, the publication of works by foreign scholars in the Vestnik of the KarSU (philology): Lubor Matejko, Stanislav Bencic, Mihay Freshli, Joanna Galecka-Kubich, Tomash Evertovski, Nikolay Stanchu since 2013 the lecture hall of the Romanian language and culture has been operating at the department. All members of the department are participants of the International Scientific Project “Language and Literature in the Social and Cultural Space”, carried out jointly with scientists from the Western-Hungarian University (Szombathely).Associate Professor of the Department Kharitonova L.M. from September 19 to December 10, 2017 went to the Republic of Slovakia (Bratislava) at the University of Kamensky to lecture as an invited lecturer.

Scientific directions

Scientific directions

Scientific directionsScientific activity of the Department of Russian Language and Literature. GA Meiramov is carried out within the framework of the fundamental directions, reflected in the Strategic Development Program of the KSU. E.A. Buketov for the years 2011-2015. At the department there are scientific schools in the field of linguistics, literary criticism, folklore. The teaching staff of the department conducts scientific activity within the framework of two fundamental directions “Problems of poetics and interpretation of the artistic text”, “The Russian language of Kazakhstan in the post-Soviet period in the paradigm of modern linguistics” and one applied research – “Sociolinguistic monitoring of the functioning of the Russian language in Kazakhstan” (responsible – Professor Amanbaeva G.Yu.). The department regularly conducts scientific and methodological seminars with the participation of students and undergraduates.Within the framework of the conferences planned in the Strategic Plan, the department organized a theoretical and theoretical conference “Philology and Modern Humanitarian Knowledge” on October 25, 2012. In total, 56 people took part in the conference. Including 12 scientists from the universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and 2 from universities in the far abroad. Within the conference there were 4 sections “Modern paradigms of artistry”, “Russian language in synchrony and diachrony”, “Actual questions of linguistics and linguodidactics”, “Integration processes and methodology of modern humanities”. Active participation in the conference was received by students, undergraduates of the KarSU named after. E.A. Buketov. 14 students and undergraduates prepared reports and spoke at sections. The materials of the conference are published in two issues of the Bulletin of the University of Karaganda (No. 4, 2012, No. 1, 2013).The introduction of scientific developments into production activities is carried out in the form of links with the schools of the city and the region. Professor of the department Gorbunova G.Z. directs the scientific section on the Russian language and literature under the Small Academy of Sciences, conducts a circle of Russian for schoolchildren. The department regularly conducts a scientific and methodological seminar for teachers, where the teaching staff and teachers of the region exchange scientific and methodological experience.Prof. Gorbunova GZ, Assoc. Kharitonova LM, Assoc. Toksanbaeva Sh. A. Art. prep. Fursanova TV, associate professor Shevlyakova L.R. regularly render practical assistance in organizing and conducting a regional scientific and practical conference of the Small Academy of Sciences of young researchers of the Republic of Kazakhstan (grades 8-11).

Educational work

Educational work

All activities are conducted according to the plan developed at the faculty, curators’ work plans, the work plan of the Committee on youth affairs. For each event held, reports were given on curator hours – protocols of curator hours. Traditionally systematic educational work is carried out by teachers of the department in all academic groups of different specialties and supervised groups. Discussions are held on the discussion of the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the culture of behavior, on the discussion of the Law on Languages ​​of the Republic of Kazakhstan, оn Science, on the customs and traditions of the peoples of Kazakhstan, on the formation of tolerance, the promotion of healthy lifestyles, and the prevention of religious extremism; tasks are carried out to consolidate skills of speech etiquette, culture of office work, culture of business communication. The practice of developing and protecting the actual social, creative projects of students has expanded.

Сhairs within the framework of civil-patriotic and legal education of students and teaching staff in academic groups carried out propaganda and explanation of the Presidential Addresses of the Republic of Kazakhstan “New opportunities for development in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution”, During the watch in the dormitory No. 5 faculty held talks on the propaganda of state symbols Republic of Kazakhstan. In the academic groups, fragments of the article by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan  N.A. Nazarbayev were used as a text material  «A glance at the future: modernization of public consciousness». The curators conducted curatorial hours: «Independent Kazakhstan: history, modernity, future», «Independent Kazakhstan on the way to new strategic goals». Under the guidance of the faculty staff with students of academic groups an essay was conducted on the theme «We are Kazakhstanis».

Teachers and students conduct a large educational work during pedagogical practices: students are invited to the jury, contests, quizzes, evenings, debates are organized. Most students of the Faculty of Philology live in the hostel number 5. Therefore, since the beginning of the academic year, faculty members on schedule were on duty at the hostel number 5, where they observed the observance of safety measures by students living in the hostel, and also got acquainted with the conditions of their residence. Teachers of the Department of Russian Language and Literature. G.A. Meiramova and students of the Faculty of Philology spend annually in the hostel No.5 a holiday dedicated to Nauryz Meiramy. Participants of the event were invited from different faculties of the Karaganda State University. Buketov. Among them, students from the People’s Republic of China, who performed a song about love in their native language.