Department of Qazaq Literature


Head of the Department Ph.D. Associate Professor Takirov Sarzhan
The department of Kazakh literature withdrew from the department of Kazakh linguistics and began to function as an independent in 1966. The faculty included such teachers as Z.T. Zhumayali, A.Noreshov, M.K. Smalyov, Ә.Әziev, Қ.К. Lekerov. From the day of formation and until 1984 the chair was headed by Professor ZT Zhumayali.

With the purpose of resuming the work of the circle of the collective in the scientific and creative direction, the department maintained a close relationship with the writer J. Bekturov. At that time the creative and artistic circle of Balaus was organized, headed by M.K. Smalyov and ZT Zhumayali. Then the circle was headed by BS Rakhimov and Zh.S. Smalyov, who made a contribution to the development and upbringing of creative youth.

Teaching staff of the department was replenished with such highly qualified specialists as B.Koribaeva, J.Smalov, B.Raumov, M.Khamzin, N.Zhmadilova. Teachers of the department organized meetings with scientists-writers S.Mananov, S.Sirabaev, T.Kukishli, N.Sabadullin, M.Limbaev, N.Isabaev, N.Odasynov, O.Bekey, M.Shakhanov, S.Zhunisov at different times , Қ.Zhmadilov, R.N.r.ali, E.Thileshov, B.N.bdiғazili, Ө.Әbdimanli, Ғ.Zhailybay, S.Aқsáarly and others.

The chair at different times was headed by highly qualified scientists like ZT Zhamayali, NK Lekerov, Қ.P.Esbaev, B.K.K.r.Kiybaev, Zh.S. Smalyov, B.S.Rayymov, M.Kh. Khamzin, Zh.Zh.Zharyl’apov, S.B. Zhumalov, K.A.Toleubaeva. Professor-teaching staff:Zh.Zh.Zharylgapov – head of the department, professor, Dr.Sc.BS Rakhimov – Professor, Doctor of PhilologyMI Abduov – Professor, Doctor of PhilologyZh.K.Smagulov – Professor, Doctor of PhilologyS.U.Takirov – Associate Professor.Zh.A.Rustemova – Associate Professor.KA Toleubaeva – Associate Professor.AB Zhumagulov – Associate Professor.Zh.Sh. Zhumageldin – senior lecturer, Master of Philosophy.AB Beisentai – senior lecturer, Master of Philosophy.AA Mirzakhmetov – senior lecturer, Master of Philosophy.BS Syzdykova- teacher, Master of Philosophy.A.Zh.Abdikadirova – teacher, master of ped. science

Teaching Staff
Raximov Berik Serikbaevich
Toleybaeva Kamshat Amanbayevna
Zhumagulov Aitbai Botpaiuly
Zhumageldin Zhanaidar Shaimerdenovich
Mirzakhmetov Almaz Amirbekovich
Rustemova Zhanar Aidarbekovna


The international cooperation
Scientific directions
Educational work
Work of the branch

Academican E.A Buketov Karaganda State University Faculty of Philology Department of of Kazakh literature had given information about the work which had done at the gymnasium 39 for the period 2014-2017


KarSU named after E.A Buketov Faculty of Philology Department of Kazakh literature subsidiary was opened and concluded bilateral agreement at the gymnasium №39 named after M.Zhumabayev on the 14th of April in 2014

In this agreement was drawn up a plan and the main following events are included:

  1. Every year in №39 gymnasium students of KarSu do internships and they get different interesting new teaching methods It has been tradition arranging events with help of teachers of KarSu Department of Kazakh literature such as “Choosing a profession”, “Literary evening”, “Decade of philology”
  2. The professors of Kazakh literature department of University leads the

lectures from the subjects “Abaitanu” and “Soz oneri”

  1. In 2014, passed the international scientific-experimental conference on the

theme “School”, “Family”, and “Government”

  1. In 2015, on November 17, the regional and higher educational institutions

passed the scientific –experimental conference on the theme aesthetic –ideological paradigms of modern Kazakh literature.

  1. In 2015, on October passed the competition of knowledgeable by name

“My Kazakhstan” dedicated the years 550of Kazakh authorities

  1. Іn 2015, the weekly newspaper of the Kazakh language and literature “as the

basis of language is the Foundation of the Nations” was foreseeing a literary evening in honor of the 170 anniversary of Abia Kunanbayev, “the Son of Alash Abay”

  1. Іn accordance to the order No. 115 of April 3, 2013, the Ministry of

knowledge and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan “model training course “Abaitanu” for pupils of 9-11 classes ” the problem of textbooks and development of educational material was dealt with on the agenda. with the help of Professor B. Rakhimov was developed the following list of textbooks

1) “Abaitanu” (textbook for students of the 11th class of secondary school ), the authors B. S. Rakhimov and S. Zh. Bazil publishing house “TENGRI LTD”, 2016. 116 pages

2)“Abaitanu” (a textbook for students 11th form for the secondary school) the authors B.S. Rakhimov and h. S. Zh. Bazil, c. Karaganda OHK “Print” 2017 year, 88 pages

In now days is being prepared the textbook for 9th grade.

  1. In the gymnasium was a discussion on September in 2017, the theme was “The future of the nature and alphabet in latin”. There was a meeting with parents and teachers, the theme of the meeting was “The transition to the latin alphabet is a modern requirement”
  2. According to the contract for high achivers by the scientists of the department is providing assistance for the scientific seminars in education, preparing for the Olympic.