Online kurs

Chair of the practical course of the Kazakh language of Karaganda University Academician E.A. Buketov invites to the online courses “Preparation for KAZTEST”, “Office work in the state language” and “Intensive training in the Kazakh language”. Contact telephones: 87014726403, 8721277-04-32 (117) e-mail:

Studying this online course, you will successfully master Kazakh literary and colloquial speech. The course will help you easily speak the Kazakh language and understand the interlocutor in a variety of communicative situations.

You will learn to read, correctly pronounce words and correctly formulate sentences. With the help of ready-made speech situations you can create your own dialogues, monologues, freely express your thoughts either verbally or in writing. After the course is taught, a certificate is issued by the University of Karelia (144 hours)