Marketing and Recruitment Department

In order to ensure the qualitative formation of the contingent of students and undergraduates, to improve the effectiveness of career guidance, the department of marketing and career guidance was established at the initiative of the Rector’s office. The Department provides organizational, methodological, advertising and information support for the formation of the student body and the preparation of applicants for admission to the university.

The main tasks of the Department are:

  1. Recruitment of applicants for the first year of the bachelor’s degree, as well as those wishing to continue their studies in the master’s and doctoral programs;
  2. Conducting market research on the study of the market of educational services;
  3. Production and provision of all events held by the university with advertising products in order to promote the image of the UDN;
  4. Organization of individual work of university teaching staff with graduates of pre-university secondary and secondary specialized educational institutions to inform about the possibility of obtaining engineering and technical specialties at the university;
  5. Preparation of school and college graduates for passing the UNT and KTA;
  6. Conducting career guidance work with employees of industrial enterprises that are part of the “Corporate University”, in order to attract them to the second higher education, master’s and doctoral studies;
  7. Holding the annual Internet Olympiad among students of the 11th grades of schools in Shymkent and Turkestan region in the subjects submitted to the UNT and KTA;
  8. Holding an “Open Day” for graduates of schools and colleges, excursions around the university, online meetings and conferences, participation in annual exhibitions of career guidance.

Thanks to the well-coordinated and systematic work of the marketing and career guidance department, which organized and carried out trips of teaching staff and members of the youth organization “Zhas Otan” as part of mobile groups, in 2018 the university recruited 1,400 people for the first year