Information about the faculty

The Faculty of History is the oldest faculty of the academician Buketov Karaganda State University and it was formed in 1938. The first release of historians in Karaganda has taken place in 1940. Since then over 5 thousand specialists study here. Among them scientists-historians, more than 120 candidates and doctors of sciences, state and public figures, ministers, analytics and teachers, heads of educational bodies, political parties and the religious organizations, the art workers, of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Armed forces, workers of mass media, archives and museums.

Mission of Faculty of History is in preparation of competitive highly skilled experts in the field of history, archeology, ethnology and international relations possessing creative thinking and professional mobility in the sphere of professional work.

The Faculty has three chairs:

  • The Chair of archeology, ethnology and home history
  • The Chair of World history and the international relations
  • The Chair of history of Kazakhstan

At the Faculty of History students have lectures both in the state Kazakh and Russian languages on the following fundamental humanitarian specialities (term of training 4 years):

  • 050114 “HISTORY”
  • 050505 «REGION STUDY»
  • 050203 “HISTORY” (humanities)

Graduators of the Faculty can work as:

  • Teachers of history and sociopolitical disciplines in the state and private general educational institutions
  • Employees in scientific institutions, museums, archives
  • Excursion and tourist bureaus
  • Employees at official bodies

On specialities «Region study» and «The International relations» students receive profound knowledge of two foreign languages. The speciality «Region study» assumes preparation of experts in one of world regions: the countries of Europe and America, the CIS country, the country of Asia and Africa. Professional work of the graduate of a speciality «the International relations» is directed on complex studying of the international relations and the country of specialization. For reception of scientific qualification of the researcher-master the graduate has the right to continue training after 4 courses in a 2-year magistracy on specialities “History” (humanities) and “History” (educational).

In 2006 Dissertational Council started to work with protection of theses for PhD on home history and historiography, a source study and methods of historical researches.

Scientific activity of the Faculty is spent within the limits of each chair and carried out in the field of studying of history of Kazakhstan and history of foreign countries, the international relations since ancient epoch till now.

The collective of the chair of history of Kazakhstan is engaged in history of the Republic of Kazakhstan from an antiquity up to now.

History, policy, diplomacy and culture of the countries of Europe and America, Asia and Africa in antiquities, the Middle Ages and the newest time make a circle of scientific interests of the chair of World history and the international relations. Annually at the Faculty various scientific conferences, seminars, round tables and trainings are spent.

During performance of scientific researches, the faculty intensively develops communications with leading high schools of republic both foreign universities and centres of science for realization of research projects.

Integral part of research work of the Faculty of History is in archaeological and ethnographic expeditions. Many years the Faculty is the centre of arheological and ethnographic research of the Central Kazakhstan.

The historical faculty carries out effective international cooperation in various forms: participation in joint archaeological expeditions and processing of archaeological materials; participation in the international projects; performances with reports on the scientific congresses, conferences, symposiums, seminars. The contract on cooperation with the Faculty and institute of the countries of Asia and Africa of the Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov is concluded, institute of history and ethnography of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Novosibirsk), in 2007 the faculty has concluded the memorandum of cooperation with the centre on researches of the Himalayas and the Central Asia (of New Delhi, India).

At the Faculty students make great research activity also, young scientific from post-graduate students, MD students and the students of faculty united in the socially-scientific organization of NASA and «Associated student» grows up, scientific clubs and sections function: «Zhas Alash», “Diplomats” and “Demographic”.

Faculty of History
Dean: Saktaganova Zauresh Galymzhanovna. 
tel: 77-04-09
e-mail: istorik@ksu.kz