Department of Education Quality Monitoring

Department of assessment and monitoring the quality of education of Karagandy State University named after E.A. Buketov


Department deals with the quality of specialists’ training. For this purpose a system of monitoring the quality of education was developed, which is described in a special document. Department is directly submitted to the university rector. There are four specialists in the department, including highly skilled sociologists. Head of Department has a scientific degree.

The activities of the Department:

  • Analysis of the academic progress of students throughout the learning process. This is a qualitative analysis of the introductory, current, final exams. Department conducts monitoring of residual knowledge of students and organize the state testing of students, conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan.
  • Studying the public opinion of students, teachers, employers about the quality of training organization, teaching quality, quality of graduates’ training, etc. For this purpose methodological tools of public opinion polls were developed. During the school year the department holds polls, on the basis of records and recommendations for improving the educational activity. Reports are given to rector. Taking into account students’ opinion, department makes rankings of teachers.
  • Evaluation of professional progress of teachers. According to the accepted rules, each teacher has to pass an internal validation and to confirm the professional level. Special Commission of the University makes the decision about a teacher’s correspondence with occupied position, concludes the prospects of a teacher and worked out measures to enhance its professional level. Within the framework of this direction, jointly with department chairs keeps records of professional achievements that are introduced in an electronic data bank. On this basis, builds up an academic rating of teachers.
  • Participation in the organization of procedures of quality management system certification, accreditation of the university.
  • The monitoring results are given to university authorities, are presented at meetings of the collegial bodies of the university. Head of the Department is a member of the Academic Council and the Scientific and Methodological Council of the University.
tel.: +77212 770136