Center for Information Technologies and Telecommunications

Center for Information Technologies and Telecommunications of the Karaganda State University named after E.A. Buketov (TsITiT KSU) was established in July 1976. Since then, we are the leading department in the field of introducing information technologies into the educational and research and production activities of the university.

The Center for Information Technologies and Telecommunications of the University of Karaganda is intended for performing repair and preventive works of computer equipment, servicing computer classes, supporting servers and the corporate network of the university, maintaining the university’s Web site, developing software for university structures.

The Center for Information Technologies and Telecommunications of the University is equipped with the latest technology and modern programs, as we understand that computer literacy is an indispensable condition for successful education. Thanks to cooperation with the company “Nursat”, the university has access to the Internet (512 Kbps).

Informatization of the university, the introduction of new information technologies into the educational process and scientific research always include two essential components: the possession of modern technical solutions by specialists and support, the understanding of the importance of the staff of the university and the need for an all-pervasive introduction of information technologies. And the complexity of technical problems has always lost ground in the support of the university community. Therefore, in front of CITiT, first of all, the task was to develop understandable strategic decisions that enjoy wide support of all administrative levels of the university and the faculty.

With the participation of the leading staff of CITiT, the Program for the Informatization of Education in the Karaganda State University was created. E.A. Buketov for the years 2005-2007. The main provisions of this program take into account the most important Kazakhstan and world trends in the informatization of higher education and are in line with the main directions of the State Program for the Development of Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2005-2010.

The University’s Computer Center faces the challenges of forming an internal infrastructure, conditions for the active introduction of new information technologies and the formation of the information environment of the university. At the same time, special attention is paid to the creation of a university environment, which would not only be favorable. But also active in relation to the processes of informatization. Taking into account the exclusive interest of all university departments in information support with the help of local and global networks and the need to introduce modern software and hardware into the educational process and research, the creation of a local computer network of the university, providing access to the global information resources of the Internet and the formation of a modern scientific The research and training complex, based on the use of modern information Technologies.

Currently, the local computer network of the university unites about 800 computers and has a radio channel for Internet access. The number of computers connected to the local network of the university is constantly growing. At the University, a modern educational complex of 30 computer classes is created in which university students acquire basic skills in information technology and improve their professional skills using business games, special training programs. Not only the working conditions of employees and the training of students have changed, serious qualitative changes have occurred in the level of use of modern technologies. New technologies in our university have become an integral part of science and the educational process. The university has formed a modern information environment, created the necessary conditions for the further development of the university, taking into account the ever increasing role of new technologies.

Behind all plans implemented by projects in the field of computerization of the university are specific people from the knowledge and skills of which a lot depends. CITiT in this sense can be attributed to the category of unique units. Work with modern technologies, the need for constant support of a complex educational complex formed a competent and initiative team. It is based on people who have long worked in the university and newcomers.

The activity of CITiT has always been aimed at the formation of a university environment that is favorable and active in relation to the processes of informatization and the introduction of information technologies into educational and scientific processes. Thanks to the activities of the employees of the computer center, specialized computer classes began to appear at the faculty of the university in the early 1990s. The appearance of these classes marked a new stage in the informatization of the university. Information technology has ceased to be a privilege of professionals in the field of computer science. Using the technical support of CITiT, the departments and departments of the university began to use new information technologies themselves