Rector’s welcome speech

Dear friends!

Throughout its glorious history, E. A. Buketov Karaganda State University has been among the best universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. KSU is consistently ranked among the three leading multidisciplinary universities of the General ranking of universities in Kazakhstan, it is included in QS World Universities Rankings [Hyperlink 1], the international ranking Webometrics [Hyperlink 2].

The University’s specialties occupy leading positions in the national rankings [Hyperlink 3]. There are more than 90 bachelor’s degree programs [Hyperlink 4], more than 60 master’s degree programs [Hyperlink 5], 12 PhD degree programs [Hyperlink 6] at KSU. More than 12 thousand undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students presently study at 12 faculties of KSU. Hundreds of foreign students from foreign countries are educated at the University.

158 academic faculty members of the University hold the title “Best University teacher” [Hyperlink 7], 24 academics are laureates of State scientific scholarships, 57 laureates of State scientific scholarships for young scientists.

Training and research facilities of the University enable us to carry out actual scientific researches and introduce modern educational technologies [Hyperlink 8]. The development pace of the University makes us confident about the future. High-demand educational programs, opportunity to obtain additional qualifications, to study online, to implement start-up projects open up broad prospects for everybody who wants to get a world-class education.

Education in KSU is more than just education!