Department of Accounting and Audit of the Karaganda University named after academician Ye.A. Buketov on 09.04.2021 holds an Olympiad in accordance with international audit standards for senior undergraduate students (2-3-4 courses) and master students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries. Undergraduate and master students studying in the specialty “State Audit”, “Accounting and Audit”, as well as all interested undergraduate and master students interested in the subject of the Olympiad, can participate in the Olympiad.

Participation in the Olympiad is voluntary and free for participants.

Languages of the Olympiad: Kazakh, Russian, English. Participation in the Olympiad is individual. Form of performance: remote.

The Olympiad on International Standards on Auditing is held in one round on April 09, 2021.

The tour consists of two parts:

– the first part – the execution of test tasks. The time allotted for this task is 30 minutes. Each participant is tested online at the link: (Olympiad “International Standards on Auditing”). To participate in the testing, all participants will receive logins and passwords from the organizing committee (by e-mail specified in the participant’s application);

– the second part – solving situational tasks. The time allotted for this task is 3 hours. Participants will receive situational tasks from the organizing committee by email, specified in the participant’s application. The solution of case studies is sent in electronic form (scanned) to e-mail: Indicate in the subject line: “Olympiad_Name of the university, full name of the participant“. Provide the solution in electronic form.

According to the results of the Olympiad, the winners are awarded with diplomas of I, II, III degrees, depending on the number of points scored in the individual championship, scientific leaders – with letters of thanks.

The jury has the right to approve additional nominations for awarding the participants of the Olympiad.

The results of the Olympiad will be posted until April 15, 2021 on the official website of Karaganda University named after Ye.A. Buketov.

Diplomas and letters of thanks will be sent to supervisors at their email addresses until April 23, 2021.

To participate in the Olympiad, universities submit an application to the organizing committee of the Olympiad before April 05, 2021 in electronic form in the form specified in Appendix 1 of these Letter by the e-mail: In the subject line, indicate “Application_Name of the university”. After registering the application, participants receive logins and passwords to participate in the Olympiad (to complete test tasks).

For questions, contact the organizing committee of the Olympiad:

Lambekova Aigerim Nurlanovna tel. +77754715171,

Shakirova Gulnara Aimaganbetovna tel. +77017623736



Appendix 1 Application form


to participate in the International Olympiad

according to international standards on auditing

  1. Name of the university, country
  2. Information about the supervisor:

2.1. Full name, academic degree (if any), academic title (if any), position, place of work

2.2 Contact information: e-mail, phone (work, cell), postal address

  1. Participant:

3.1. Name of each participant

3.2. Course, specialty, faculty, department (indicate information on each of the participants)

3.3 Contact details of each of the participants: e-mail, telephone, postal address

Signature of the dean of the faculty or head of the department, seal



* Duplicate the information in the application about the supervisor and participants in English

Application date________________________________________________