Career Guidance Work – Shakhtinsk city

On February 11, 2021, the Marketing and Recruiting Department held an online meeting with school graduates in Shakhtinsk as part of career guidance work.
The meeting was attended by students of the final grades of school-gymnasium No. 1 (graduation of 42 people), as well as the deputy director for educational work M.B. Gardanova; students of secondary school No. 2 (graduation of 27 people) as well as deputy director for educational work Smolitskaya T.Yu.; students of secondary school № 7 (graduation of 19 people) with deputy director for educational work Lutskaya M.V. and class teacher M. Alimova; students of secondary school № 11 (graduation of 28 people) as well as deputy director for educational work Karpova L.I.
During the meeting, a presentation about the University was demonstrated. It also provides information on the procedure for admission to the university; on the conditions of admission to study under a state educational grant; on the availability of faculties, on the number of educational programs (specialties), which are taught at the university; on the availability of innovative educational programs; on the deadlines for submitting applications for admission; about specialties, for admission to which it is necessary to pass creative exams; on the minimum threshold points, on the cost of studying at the university; told about the international cooperation of the university with foreign universities; about the academic mobility program; on the support of the university administration of students in promoting their business ideas and start-up projects; about student life; some good news were shared – about the opening of a military department at our university and much more.
The graduates asked questions, to which detailed answers were given by the head of the marketing and recruiting department.