Career Guidance Work – Aktogay district

The Marketing and Recruiting Department held meetings with graduates of Aktogay district schools on February 4 and February 5, 2021. The meeting was attended by Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Nussupbekov B.R., graduating school students, school principals, deputy school principals, class teachers, representatives from parents of graduates of the following schools: “Comprehensive secondary school named after Zh. Akbay” (Azirov K.A. – school principal, Beisenbekov S.A. – head teacher of the school, Zhumadilova S.A. – head teacher for educational work; class teachers – Bauymbekova A.Sh., Syzdykova Zh.K. , Munaitbasova N.E., Beisenbekova A.A., Bazylbekova M.B., Erubayeva G.Zh., Eseyev Zh.D., Syzdykova Zh.), MSI “Basic school (resource center) on the basis of the” School – kindergarten complex (with a boarding school) “in the village of Shashubai (Tukbaeva A.B. – school principal), MSI “Basic school (resource center) on the basis of the secondary school named after Kazbek Nurzhanov” (A. Raiymbekova – acting director of the school), MSI «Comprehensive secondary school Ortaderesin» (Kabdynova А.Т. – school principal), MSI «Support school (resource center) on the basis of Koshkar secondary school» (Zhumagulov Ye.T. – school principal), MSI «Comprehensive secondary school named after Zh.Kenesbayeva» (Kusaiynova N.S. – school principal), MSI «Comprehensive secondary school Tasaral» (Baltysheva G.A. – school principal).

At the meeting, a presentation about the University was demonstrated by the head and specialists of the Marketing and Recruiting Department. Detailed information was given about the presence of faculties and departments at the university, the number of educational programs for which training is conducted, about the developed innovative educational programs; on the conditions for admission to study under a state educational grant, generalized passing scores for admission to the university, on the availability of specialties for admission to which it is necessary to pass creative exams; on the deadlines for submitting documents, on the minimum threshold points for admission to the University, on the cost of training on a commercial basis; on the availability of distance education; on international cooperation of the University with other universities; on the support of the University’s management of student business ideas and start-up projects; on the subsequent employment of the University graduates; about the opening of a military department at the University, etc.

Students asked many questions, which were fully answered