Career Guidance Work – Balkhash

On January 22, 2021, the Marketing and Recruiting Department held an online meeting with graduates of Balkhash schools as part of career guidance work. The meeting was attended by graduates of Lyceum No. 2 (number of graduates is 33 people), secondary school number 9 (graduates number – 31 people), secondary school number 16 (graduates number – 59 people), as well as the head teacher for educational work from secondary school №16, Kokkozova N.K.
During the meeting, the graduates were interested in the information prepared by the department on the availability of educational programs at the university, on the deadlines for submitting documents for admission, on passing scores for admission, on the availability of dormitories, on the infrastructure of the university, etc., many questions were asked, to which exhaustive answers were given.
As a result of the meeting, an agreement was reached to hold repeated meetings in an expanded format with the participation of parents of graduates.