Rest and treatment

Recently, 50 teachers and employees of the Karagandy University of the name of academician E.A. Buketov returned from the «Sayaly» sanatorium, located on the banks of the Nura river, Bukhar-Zhyrau region.

As known, the daily rush, rapid rhythm of life with stress, irrational nutrition, environmental conditions worsening day by day weaken the human body. In addition, with age the probability of many diseases increases, and only with the help of prevention it is possible to reduce the risk of disease. Teachers and employees were able to perfectly combine a great vacation with the possibility of recreational procedures.

In summer, the university will provide an opportunity to rest in sanatoriums of Kazakhstan – Saryagash, Merke, Alakol. In addition, the recreation base of the university, located on Topar Reservoir, will be restored.