On January 14, 2021, a meeting on career guidance work with graduates of educational institutions was held under the leadership of Zhetpisbaeva B.A. (the Vice-Rector for Strategic Development of the Karaganda University named after Academician A.Y. Buketov).

The meeting was attended by the head of the marketing and recruiting department, Duisembaev A.A., chief specialist Turganbaeva S.M. and university teachers responsible for conducting career guidance work from 12 faculties of the university.

At the meeting beginning, the head of the marketing and recruiting department made a presentation report on the career guidance work carried out in December 2020 in secondary education organizations in the cities of Satpayev, Balkhash, Zhanaarka, Karkaralinsk, Shetsk districts of the Karaganda region.

During the meeting, the Vice-Rector for Strategic Development dwelled on the main tasks of vocational guidance work in secondary education institutions of the Karaganda region and other regions of Kazakhstan, which will be held from January to August 2021, focusing on the need to conduct campaigning events with both graduates and their parents, using modern means, in connection with the current country situation. She also noted that along with this, it is necessary to start working on attracting graduates from neighboring countries to study at the university, as well as the need for the active participation of responsible faculties in this direction.
At the end, recommendations were given on the continuation of the fruitful work of the marketing and recruiting department together with the faculties to improve career guidance work.