Career Guidance – Satpayev city Karaganda district

As part of the career guidance work, on December 28, 2020, the Marketing and Recruiting Department held an online meeting with Satpayev schools’ graduates. The meeting was attended by graduates of school-gymnasium No. 1 of Satpayev (graduation of 48 people), deputy director for educational work Zhakupova D.B., classroom-teachers of graduating classes, as well as graduates of secondary school No. 16 of  Satpayev (graduation of 44 people) , Deputy Director for educational work Shokybaeva A.D., classroom-teachers of the graduating classes.

At the meeting during the presentation, the current educational programs of the University and innovative educational programs were presented, the procedure for admission to creative specialties and distance learning was explained, information about the cooperation of the University with foreign universities, about the support of students by the University leadership in promoting business ideas and start-ups, about employment graduates after graduation from the University was given.

The procedure for accepting applications for admission to universities, threshold points for admission to a grant and a paid department was explained, the amount of tuition fees was announced, and other information of interest was given to school graduates.

At the end of the meeting, an agreement was reached on a repeated expanded meeting in January 2021 with graduates, class teachers, and school administrators with the participation of parents.