intellectual game “IQ games”

22.12.2020 on the ZOOM platform, the team of 1st-year students “Blossom” of Karaganda University named after E. A. Buketov and the team of pupils of the 11th-grade “NS Amigos” of Specialized Boarding School named after N. Nurmakov competed in the team intellectual game “IQ games” in three languages. (with a broadcast on the YouTube channel Teams of 7 participants, together with the captains, showed their erudition, wit and ability to work as a team, vigorously discussing and answering questions in four areas: science, sports, music and general intellectual questions.

The game’s presenter Noyan Zhantas Zhanbolatuly, a biology teacher of Specialized Boarding School named after N. Nurmakov, announced the points received after each task, which contributed to the transparent calculation of the teams ‘ points.

The intellectual competition ended in a draw, students and pupils showed an excellent level of training, the most active participants received certificates in the categories “Excellent player”,” Best answer”, “Real motivator”.