The Republican Subject Olympiad

At the Republican Subject Olympiad among students of higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, studying on specialty 5B030200 – “International Law”, prize-winning places were awarded to the students of Law Faculty Serikbayeva Ayzhan Sayatkyzy (MP-30 group), Amanbekova Aigerim Yerkinbekyzy (MP-31 group), who took the second place. Seriktay Nazerke Orkenkyzy (MP-30 group) took the third place. Yana Shlyakhova (MP-31 group) and Galym Zhanserik Zhanaidaruly (MP-41 group) were awarded with letters of thanks.
The organizer of the Olympiad, which was held in online format, was the International Law Departmentof L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University. The team of Karagandy University of the name of academician E.A.Buketov was trained by the head of the Constitutional and International Law Department, PhD, associate professor Botagarin R.B. and senior teacher of the Constitutional and International Law Department Starozhilova N.P.