In the name of the future

Today, in the history of our country, a special date is Remembrance Day of one of the most tragic pages in the history of Kazakhstan. On May 31, we recall the victims of mass political repression and the terrifying famine that caused the deaths of millions of people.
For Kazakhstan, this day has a special meaning. It was on the territory of our country that the largest camps of the Gulag structure were located – Karlag, ALZHIR, Steplag. Kazakhstan has become the place of deportation of millions of Soviet citizens. For many peoples affected by the great terror, Kazakhstan has become a home. Our destitute people, overcoming all the hardships that fell to their lot, managed not only to survive, but also to save hundreds of thousands of innocent people deported to the Republic from cold and hunger. Hundreds of thousands of fates!
Kazakhstan in this period lost representatives of Kazakh intelligentsia, among them figures of science, culture and politics. With bitterness we remember also those who died during collectivization from famine.
These days, Academician Y.A.Buketov Karaganda State University is holding memorable events dedicated to the Day of memory of the victims of political repression. The research center “Tulgatanu” holds traditional historical and educational meetings dedicated to the repressed. Different thematic events are held by the Committee on Youth Affairs, faculties of the university.
The names of the victims of political repressions will forever remain in our memory. We must learn the lessons of history for a peaceful future!
Acting rector of Academician Y.A.Buketov KSU
Tazhbayev Y.M.