General information

Since the year 2020, Dean of the Faculty of Law, candidate of Law, Kuat Musin

The Faculty of Law is one of the major departments of the KSU named after E.A. Buketov. The total number of students in the full-time and part-time departments exceeds 1300 people. The number of teachers and staff is 65 people.
Chair of Civil and Labor Law
The faculty has a master’s degree in specialized profile and scientific-pedagogical direction. The total contingent of undergraduates in this 2017-2018 academic year is 105 people.

The Faculty has been preparing PhD students since 2013. To date, 27 people study in the doctoral program. For the last period the faculty prepared 5 PhD doctors and 2 nostrified doctors PhD. In 2016, was opened to the Council on protection of doctoral dissertation.

The mission of the Faculty of Law is the qualitative training of competitive specialists with comprehensive knowledge in the field of national and international law, a high level of legal culture and legal awareness for the law enforcement system and economic entities of the state.

Solid material base and high-quality teaching staff create favorable opportunities not only for the fruitful conduct of the educational process, but also for scientific growth, Patriotic and cultural education of students. In parallel with the students matured young staff of the faculty, whose average age is 45 years.

The faculty, taking into account the labor market conditions and high competition of the public and private education sector, is trying to put the training of specialists to a higher level. The quality of training of our specialists is universally recognized throughout the Republic. Practically all top and middle managers of law enforcement agencies of the country are graduates of the University.

The Faculty of Law actively introduces into the educational process new and most relevant forms of education practiced in the developed countries of the world. Currently, the credit system of training successfully works, distance education on correspondence department (2 specialty). In this regard, the departments developed electronic textbooks and all educational and methodical material on electronic and paper carriers. There is no doubt that the new teaching technologies will make the educational process more interesting and productive, and the image of the faculty is high.

The faculty of law, having not so long history of its development, nevertheless, has a rich scientific and pedagogical potential, scientific fame not only within the Republic, but also abroad. The authority of the faculty of law — is the achievement of the whole team, in which everyone has made its contribution..

Faculty History

In the early 70s, Karaganda state University was established on the basis of Karaganda pedagogical Institute. Among other divisions of the University was established and the faculty of Economics and law. Later, the faculty of law became independent.

The history of the development of the law faculty is closely connected with its leaders. In this case, a huge contribution to the development of educational, scientific and educational potential and staffing was associated with the activities of one of the first deans Mazhit Tairovich Imashev.

Students and teachers in the construction of main building 1977 year

Party meeting 1978

Mazhit Tairovich, from the first days working as dean, he began organizing new departments, strengthening the faculty with highly qualified personnel. The departments were created: theories and histories of the state and law, labor and agricultural law, constitutional law and Soviet construction, criminal law and criminal procedure. He was in favor of his native law faculty, creating favorable conditions for the scientific growth of young teachers. With the support of Majit Tairovich at that time defended Ph.D dissertation: Akhmetova N.S., Idrisova S.B., Baltabaev K.Zh., Nurtayev R.T., Shopin V.D., Kim K.V., Suleimenova G.J., Baisalov A.S. and many others.

Scientific and Practical Conference 1980

Dean, heads of departments and students of the Faculty of Law at the October demonstration. 1981

Other deans of the faculty, such as associate professor Vitaliy Shopin, associate professor Kusnidenov Kydyrbai Kusnidenovich, associate professor Kulikov Vladimir Ivanovich, associate professor Zhunussov Bakhtybai Zholzhaksinovich, associate professor Umurkulov Maxim Kaparovich, associate professor Kubeyev Erkin Kinoyatovich and others contributed significantly to the formation and strengthening of the faculty and its traditions.

Distribution of graduates 1981 

May Day demonstration 1982 

Thanks to their titanic work, the foundation of the law faculty was formed, which from year to year increased its scientific and professional potential and literally in the shortest time the faculty was the second in the republic after the Kazakh State University named after SM Kirov. In that historical period for the faculty, the best traditions were laid not only among the teachers, but also the students, who are highly revered in today’s days. Thanks to the hard work of the deans, heads of departments and teachers, the faculty began to be called the forge of highly qualified legal cadres. His pupils are known not only in our country, but also abroad. They work in all areas of public, political and scientific life of a sovereign state. Among them: Tusupbekov R.T. – Senator of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Akylbai S.B. – Senator of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Dulatbekov N.O. – Deputy of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Abishev H.A. – Assistant to the Prosecutor General for relations with the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Shapak U.Sh. – Member of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Tugzhanov E.L. – akim of the Mangistau region, Abilov M.S. – Head of the Department of Justice of Astana, Seksembaev V.I. – the prosecutor of the Karaganda region and others.

Pupils of the faculty achieved great results not only in law enforcement and public service, but also in the scientific path. Such graduates as Zhunusov B.Zh. and Zhanaidarov I.O. became well-known scientists, doctors of sciences, are heads of the leading legal universities in Kazakhstan. Doctor of Law, Professor Kubeev Erkin Kinoyatovich since 2004 is the rector of the Karaganda State University named after EA Buketov.

Photo Gallery

Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Law

Meeting with employees of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Karaganda region.

Youth forum of students

Study room

Training laboratory of criminalistics and forensic expertology.

 Victory of our students at the Olympics and competitions

Doctor of Law, Professor of Wroclaw University (Poland)

The game trial

Masters of the faculty of law in the Senate of the Czech Parliament

Masters of the Faculty of Law on an  scientific training in Prague (Czech Republic)

New electron microscope

Teacher Botagarin R.B. on an scientific training at Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov (December 2008)

Boyko Ganchevsky is a professor at Sofia University


Students in the Hall of Electronic Resources

Students in the classes on Forensic expertology
Information for the applicant


We invite you to become a member of the friendly community of students of the Faculty of Law of Karaganda State University named after E.A. Buketov!

Our faculty is known not only in the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also beyond its borders, which is confirmed by partnerships of scientific schools of the faculty and the demand for its graduates.

Among the graduates of the Faculty of Law of the University named after E. A. Buketov are senators, majilismen, Constitutional Council members, Supreme Court judges, ministers, deputy ministers , heads of departments of the Attorney General Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the judges of regional and district courts, lawyers, inspectors, notaries, prominent scientists, heads of local executive bodies and business entities, businessmen.

The Faculty of Law of the Karaganda State University named after E. A. Buketov – is:

– 1408 undergraduate students;

– 88 graduate students (masters of law);

– 23 doctoral students;

– 92 teachers, 15 of whom are winners of the Republican contest “The best teacher of the university”, 37 are practicing lawyers, attorneys, mediators, etc.;

– consistently high positions of educational programs in national ratings;

– a wide network of practice bases throughout Kazakhstan;

– branches of departments at employer bases;

– innovative educational programs, with a high proportion of disciplines aimed at the formation of Soft skills ;

– modern certification programs;

– Thesis Council, Legal Clinic, Research Institute of Legal Studies and State Studies, modern training grounds in the structure;

– successsfull participation in competitions for grant financing;

– magazine, recommended by the Committee for control in the field of education and science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

– effective organization of interaction with the Alumni community;

– a platform for the implementation of student initiatives;

– our graduates are demanded by employers;

– young and advanced top management

The educational process is carried out by 4 departments:

– Constitutional and international law;

– Theory and history of Government and Rights;

– Civil and labor law;

– Criminal law, process and forensics.

The Faculty of Law of the Karaganda State University named after E. A. Buketov provides:

– A flexible system of payment for tuition, including the provision of privileges:

1)“Altyn Belgі” awarded students;

2) winners of national and regional Olympiads on the approved list, held at KSU named after E.A. Buketov in specialized subjects, awarded by the diplomas of first, second, third degree and corresponding certificates by KSU named after E. A. Buketov, in case of compliance of the chosen specialty to the subject of the Olympiad;

3) winners of international, republican competitions of performers and sports competitions of the last 3 years, according to the recommendation of the dean;

4) orphans and children left without parental care;

5) children with disabilities who, according to the conclusion of the medical examination, are not contraindicated for university studies, if case of the necessary supporting documents are provided

– possibility of finishing military department training at the Medical University of Karaganda, Karaganda State Technical University, which the Karaganda Staste University named after E. A. Buketov has agreements with;

– getting a dormitory room according to the queue order.

The Faculty of Law train students for the following educational programs:


6В04201 – “Jurisprudence”, including using the DET (distance education technology)

A graduate of this educational program is awarded the academic bachelor’s degree in OП 6B04201 – “Jurisprudence”

Employment opportunities:

  • judges, court specialists;
  • prosecutors and assistant prosecutors;
  • employees of law enforcement bodies and national security;
  • legal advisers of enterprises and institutions, legal consultants;
  • specialists of the REGISTRY OFFICE, PSC etc.;
  • lawyers, notaries;
  • specialists of the economic investigation service;

6В04202 – “Legal support of business”

A graduate of this educational program is awarded the academic bachelor’s degree in OП 6В04202 – “Legal support of business”

Employment opportunities:

  • lawyer of commercial and non-commercial organizations, including consulting agencies, insurance, audit and investment companies, financial organizations, etc.;
  • lawyer of the legal department in state structures;
  • HR specialist at the enterprise;
  • representative (attorney);
  • notary (assistant);
  • judge;
  • arbitrator;
  • mediator;
  • specialist in patent work and copyright protection;
  • bailiff;
  • specialist of Public Service Center;
  • individual entrepreneur;
  • Head of a commercial legal entity, etc.

6В04203- “International law”

A graduate of this educational program is awarded the academic bachelor’s degree in OП 6В04203- “International Law”

Employment opportunities

  • legal expert;
  • consultant in the field of international law (in the ministries and agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the offices of international organizations);
  • attorney (on issues of foreign economic and foreign policy activity);
  • employee of the bodies of internal affairs and national security of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • legal adviser;
  • in the unit of local government;
  • lawyers, notaries, marshals and others .


Graduates of the undergraduate educational programs can continue their studies in the magistracy in two areas:

– scientific and pedagogical (2 years of study), the Master of Legal Science (MLS) degree is awarded

profile (specialized) (1 year of study), a Master of Law (LL.M.) degree is awarded .

According to one of the following educational programs:

  1. 7М04207801 (7М04207801.01) – Legal support for the activities of public authorities and administration (graduating departments: theory and history of Government and Rights, constitutional and international law);
  2. 7М04207802 (7М04207802.01) – Legal support of business (graduating department: civil and labor law);
  3. 7M04207803 (7M04207803.01) – Judicial-prosecutorial activity (Forensic activities) (graduating department: criminal law, process and criminalistics);

4.7M04207804 (7M04207804.01) – Combating money laundering and terrorist financing (AML / CFT) and economic security (graduating department: criminal law, process and criminalistics);

  1. 7M04207805-Legal regulation of criminal policy (graduating department: criminal law, process and criminalistics)

Educational program 7M04207804 (7M04207804.01) – Countering money laundering and financing of terrorism (AML / FT) and economic security is a double degree and is provided by the Faculty of Law of KSU named after E. A. Buketov together with National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) 


Graduates of master’s programs in scientific and pedagogical areas can continue their studies at the doctoral program of the Faculty of Law in the educational program:

8D04207801 – Jurisprudence (3 years)

upon successful completion of which the student can defend their dissertation at the Dissertation Council of the Faculty of Law and receive their doctorate in philosophy ( a PhD )

Open your future with KSU!

The Admissions Committee of the Karaganda State University named after. E. A. Buketova is located at:
100028 Karaganda, Universitetskaya str., 28
room. 111.
Tel. (8-7212) 35 64 05
Bus No. 4, 70, 40, 51, 118, 145, 146
Shuttle No. 02, 04, 06, 07, 13, 66, 023

The international cooperation

The Faculty of Law maintains traditional ties with major research centers in Bulgaria, China, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and other countries. Long-term cooperation agreements were concluded within the framework of which internships of students are carried out on the basis of data from educational centers, scientists participate in the students training, act as foreign consultants in carrying out research in doctoral studies and more.

All of the Karaganda State University faculty and staff are participants in various international programs, among which are the programs of the OSCE, Erasmus Mundus, P2P and others.

Professors of the Faculty of Law give lectures online for students of law faculties of the Kuban State Agrarian University (Russia), South Ural State University. Among the most requested courses are the following :

FULL NAME Academic degree, academic title Lecture course topics
1 Kizdarbekova Antonina Serikovna Candidate of Law, Professor, Dean of the Law Faculty Business entities;

Property right in the system of right in rem of the Republic of Kazakhstan


2 Akhmetova Naila Seisenbekovna Candidate of Law, Professor, Department of Theory and History of Government and Right Problems of customary law of the Kazakhs
3 Nukusheva Aigul Ashimovna Candidate of Law , Professor, Department of Civil and Labor Law Subjects of Private International Law
4 Turlaev Andrey Viktorovich Candidate of Law , Professor, Department of Theory and History of Government and Right Theory and practice of protecting human rights
5 Zhamieva Rose Musilimovna Candidate of Law, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Criminal Law, Process and Criminalistics Criminal process;

Judicial advocacy;

Criminal trail law;

defender of justice

Scientific directions

Scientific directions of the Faculty of Law

– theoretical and international legal issues of ensuring national security of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

– formation of civil society in sovereign Kazakhstan;

– problems of improving civil and civil procedural legislation in the context of the establishment of the national legal system of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

– problems of crimes’ qualification;

– religious extremism and terrorism: legal, psychological and forensic aspects.

The research institute “Legal Studies and State Studies” was formed In KSU in 2013, based on the faculty. The Institute carries out its activities under the fundamental, applied, contractual research programs with the participation of the Institute staff, teachers, undergraduates and doctoral PhD students. Currently, research work is underway to implement the fundamental grant topic “Constitutional and legal protection and ensuring the children’s rights in the establishment and development of the juvenile system in Kazakhstan and in the modern world”. The project manager is candidate of law, Professor Balgimbekova G.U.

Annually, the faculty holds scientific and practical conferences in which faculty teaching staff, scientists from other universities of the republic, foreign countries and practitioners participate. Since 2000, 17 conferences, among which 12 have international status, were held by the faculty. Thus, in 2014 the international scientific-practical conference “Actual issues of counteraction corruption offenses: theory and practice” was held; in 2015 – an international scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan “The potential of the Constitution and constitutional values in the context of the establishment of legal statehood of Kazakhstan”; in 2016 – an international scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Improving Kazakhstani legislation: theory and practice”; in 2017 – the international scientific-practical conference “Harmonization of national legislation in the framework of integration processes”; in 2018 – “The legal system of Kazakhstan in the context of modernization of national legal consciousness”; in 2019 – “Theoretical and historical foundations of strengthening Kazakhstani statehood and the development of the national legal system”.

10 of the law faculty professors obtained the title “Best University Teacher”.

The teaching staff of the departments have publications in scientific journals, Thomson Reuters , Scopus , RSCI, etc.

Together with foreign scientists of the faculty, monographs, textbooks, and scientific articles have been published. Conferences, olympiads, round tables and other forms of research activity have been held. They expand the faculty’s relations with universities of near and far abroad, which allows the faculty to participate in all international scientific developments related to jurisprudence.

Faculty staff had participated in the implementation of the International grant project “Towards a Central Asian Higher Education Area: Tuning Structures and Building Quality Culture” ( TuCAHEA ) by the TEMPUS-VI program; “Peer to Peer : Challenging Extremism (P2P)” global inter-university project.

Further training, internship abroad

Faculty staff regularly improves their qualifications in foreign scientific and educational centers.

Among them:

No. Full name Name of the university abroad Type of study (master, PhD , internship) Period of study Country of study
from by Country Town/City
one Kizdarbekova Antonina Serikovna Pennsylvania State University internship April 2016 May 2016 USA State College
International Center of Scientific Information and Education “IW eV” internship July


August 2013 Germany Dusseldorf
2 Iyasova Gulzhazira Aktureevna International Center of Scientific Information and Education “IW eV” internship July 2014 august 2014 Germany Dusseldorf
3 Abylasimov Murager Nastaevich University of Wroclaw internship 02 .02 .2012. 3 1. 03 201 2 g. Poland Wroclaw
4 Rustembekova Dinara Kenzhebekovna Institute of International and Public Relations internship November 30, 2009 12/11/2009 Czech Republic Prague
University of Wroclaw internship 01/30/2014 04/04/2014 Poland Wroclaw
5 Asetova Gulnur Bakytovna Institute of International and Public Relations internship November 30, 2009 12/11/2009 Czech Republic Prague
Police Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan internship September 11, 2017


10/01. 2017g. Azerbaijan Baku
6 Botagarin Ruslan Baқyt University of Wroclaw internship 04/27/2014 06/29/2014 Poland Wroclaw
7 Otarbaeva Asel Tanatarovna Graduate School of Management internship 04/20/2016 06/01/2016 Spain Barcelona
8 Tusupkhanova Gulim Kenzhegulovna University of Wroclaw internship 04/10/2016 07/01/2016 Poland Wroclaw
9 Abikenova Gulzhan Beibitovna University of Wroclaw internship 06/09/2018 07/09/2018 Poland Wroclaw
10 Amirbek Kamshat Saylaubaykyzy University of Wroclaw internship 06/09/2018 07/09/2018 Poland Wroclaw
11 Bilyalova Marzhan Isakovna Law Institute of Pyatigorsk State University internship 03/15/2019 04/15/2019 Russia Pyatigorsk


12 Nurbekova Gulnara Tulegenovna University of Ferrara internship September 2014 October 2014 Italy Ferrara
13 Amanzholova Botagoz Atymtaevna Tsukuba University internship April 2018 May 2018 Japan Tsukuba


Educational work

The priority direction of educational policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan is to improve the quality of training of specialists who are able to set and solve professional problems, creatively implement knowledge and at the same time possess high civic qualities.
Students at the “Subbotnik

Achieving this goal is possible with a well-established educational work. Group curators and course inspectors play an important role in this regard. Educational work at the faculty is carried out based on the educational plan of the university and the faculty of law.

The curator activities, first of all, are aimed at strengthening the pedagogic nature of the educational process. Conduction of curatorial hours is important step for this.

A good tradition of involving freshmen in university life is the annual “STUDENTS INITIATION” competition. The competition is usually held in October. The university faculties compete with each other in introducing freshmen to the achievements of the university, teachers and students of the faculty, also identifying the most active and talented students both creatively and organizationally. According to the results of the competition, law students often take top places.

Educational work in the dormitory is one of the main activities of the dean’s office, and the committee on youth affairs of the faculty.

The faculty has developed schedules for visits and duties of faculty teachers in the university dormitories.

Annually, the faculty holds meetings with prominent public figures, scientists and representatives of law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as countries of near and far abroad. As such, for example, over the past few academic years, the following meetings took place:

  • In March 2010, meeting with the deputy of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Temirbulatov S.B .;
  • In September 2011, meeting with the Assistant Attorney General for Relations with the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Abishev H.A .;
  • In May 2012, meeting with the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Shakirov A.
  • In October 2012, a regional student olympiad on knowledge of the foundations of the Constitution and state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held at KSU
  • In May 2013, meeting with a member of the Karaganda regional court Zhakupov Zh.K.
  • In 2015, there was a meeting with the head of the Department of Justice of the Karaganda region Abilov M.S.
  • In 2016, a meeting was held with employees of the Southeast Police Squad and members of the police assistance squad
  • In December 2017 there was a meeting with the deputies of the Majilis of the Parliament Abdirov N.M. ;
  • In October 2018, meeting with the Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan K. Tokayev and many others.

Students and teachers of the Law Faculty are actively involved in organizing and conducting various events on faculty, university, city and regional scale. At the same time, they are also engaged in republican events. Among them:

  • Minisoccer tournament among students of all courses, for the cup of the dean of the law faculty;
  • “Health Festival – 2018” event;
  • KSU students forum “We are the future of Kazakhstan!”;
  • Regional forum “Kemel Bolashak Tireg – Zhastar!” Dedicated to the celebration of the year
  • Regional ethno-cultural festival “Dostyk shagyragy” and many others.

The faculty leadership uses all available opportunities to support students, both in the educational and social spheres. In particular, senior students are seriously concerned about the issue of employment after graduation. In this regard, the dean and the rector regularly organizes student meetings with the heads of law enforcement agencies , economic subjects of the Karaganda region and the republic , in which students are able to solve problems with employment.

Conference is in progress

Round table of the Research Institute “Legal Research and State Studies”

At the “subbotnik”

“Clean Thursday”
Law students in the ensemble “Zharkyn”

During the entirety of the school year, students and teachers of the law faculty participate in all activities of the university and the region that promote a healthy lifestyle. It has become a tradition for lawyers to participate in the “Freshman” , “Vigor and Health” sports competitions for the rector’s cup.


The Admissions Committee of the KSU named after E. A. Buketov is located at:
100028 Karaganda, Universitetskaya str., 28
room . 332 (dean)
Tel. (8-7212) 35 64 16
Bus. No. 4, 70, 40, 51, 118, 145, 146
Shuttle No. 02, 04, 06, 07, 13, 66, 023