International online Olympiad named “Connoisseurs of the Kazakh language”

In the framework of the State program for the development and using of languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011 – 2020 years, Faculty of Philology of Karaganda State University named of E.A. Buketov holds an international online Olympiad named “Connoisseurs of the Kazakh language” between foreign students from 2 5 th to 29 April , 2020.

– To improve language policy  that provides the  wide application of the Kazakh language;

– To consolidate the status of the using  the Kazakh language;

– To increase the demand of the Kazakh language;

– To increase the interest of other nations to the Kazakh language, and to create the appropriate of  the linguistic society.

The regulation of realization:

Language of realization: Kazakh

The Olympiad consists of three rounds:

4. Dates for the Academic competition: I stage – 25.04.2020 ; the II stage – 27.04.2020 ; III stage – 29.04.2020

Stage I -qualifying, offers test items consisting of 20 questions. The language level of each participant is taken into account. The maximum price for this period is 20 points. After the conclusion defines the participants that pass the 2nd stage in accordance with the result.

Stage II– listening , at this stage listening tasks for each level are given. During this period, the participant must score 40 points.

Stage III–  For the level A1, A2 writing a text (8-10 sentences)

For the level B1, B2 writing an essay (13-15 sentences)

For the level C1,C2 writing a composition (20-25 sentences). The topics of essay will not be given previously.

Criteria for the evaluation of the 3rd phase:

* Relevance of statements to the topic.

* The integrity, the perfection of the expression of view.

* The feasibility of ideas.

* Expressiveness of views, language culture (including the ability to Express their views on literature and examples from practice).

The maximum score for the third stage is 40 points. The maximum possible score for the tasks is 100.

5. Rewarding participants

The winners of the Academic competitionare determined by the results of its final stage. The winners of theAcademic competitionwill be awarded with diplomas of the University. Results Of The Academic competition  will be published on

To participate in the Olympics  you can register on the website